1. Choose your style:
Browse our exquisite collection or share your unique ideas with our designers for a personalized, retro, or gem-studded creation. Connect with us via message or email at support@aurumluminos.com.

2. Determine your ring size:
Simply provide your ring size when placing the order or refer to our size guide: https://aurumluminos.com/pages/aurumluminos-ring-size-and-conversion-guide. We are here to assist if needed.

3. Place your order:
Submit your order confidently, either with full payment or opt for our deposit plan. Pay a default deposit of $150, and settle the balance before shipping.

4. CAD design:
Our designers will promptly create a CAD model based on your preferences, sharing it via email for your approval.

5. Craftsmanship:
Our skilled engineers start crafting your masterpiece, encompassing 8 essential steps like mold casting, stone matching, setting, and polishing, taking approximately 1-2 weeks.

6. Confirm & ship:
Upon completion, we'll notify you, seeking your confirmation. After obtaining your approval, we arrange swift delivery, arriving in 4-12 days.