Cancellation Policy for Customized Rings at Aurum Luminos

Introduction: At Aurum Luminos, we understand that circumstances may change after placing an order. Here's our cancellation policy to guide you through the process.

1. Cancellation within 12 Hours of Order Placement:

  • Customers are eligible to cancel their orders without providing a reason within 12 hours of placing the order.
  • This policy applies specifically to orders that are yet to exceed the 24-hour timeframe from the moment of order placement.

2. Reasoning Behind the 30% Restocking Fee:

  • Once an order is placed, our team initiates various processes, including design work by our skilled designers and procurement of gemstones and metals by our sourcing team.
  • To cover the incurred costs and efforts, a 30% restocking fee is applicable for cancellations made after the initial 24-hour window.

3. Precautionary Measures:

  • We advise customers to double-check their desired specifications, such as style, size, and gemstone type, before finalizing their order.
  • This ensures accuracy and minimizes the likelihood of cancellation requests after the 24-hour timeframe.

4. Exchange Policy:

  • Customers may request exchanges for gemstones, sizes, or styles within 48 hours of placing their order at no additional cost.
  • For prompt assistance with exchanges, customers are encouraged to contact us via email at or through our online chat support.

5. Cancellation After Shipment but Before Delivery:

  • Once an order has been shipped but not yet delivered, cancellations are subject to review.
  • Customers must provide valid justifications for cancellation requests during this stage.
  • If cancellation is approved, customers will be required to cover a 30% restocking fee and any incurred logistics interception and return fees.

6. Refund Procedure for Delayed Deliveries:

  • In cases where delivery exceeds the promised timeframe by 10 days, customers should promptly contact us.
  • We will coordinate with the logistics provider to ensure a smooth resolution. If the package is confirmed lost, customers will be offered the choice of a refund or reshipment.

Conclusion: We hope this policy provides clarity regarding the cancellation process for customized rings at Aurum Luminos. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.